Episcopal Community Services San Franscisco

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Who We Are

Rita Mouton-Patterson is not your typical homeless person. When her luck went from bad to worse her optimism and a little help from ECS kept her off the street.

What We Do
Our Plan To Solve Homeless in San Francisco


  • 7,350 are homeless on any given day in SF
  • 15,000 will be homeless sometime during the year
  • Most homeless people go unnoticed
Anyone can be homeless


Homeless people don't need one helping hand. They need access to a whole support system
We provide a full continuum of services


  • Every year at ECS
  • 6,000 people are sheltered or housed
  • 280,000 meals are prepared and served
  • 14,000 lives are changed and improved
  • 1/2 of the city's adult shelter beds are provided by our organization
  • 2/3 of the graduates of our chefs program find jobs
  • 96% of people in our housing program never return to the street
  • 32,000 nutritious meals are served yearly at our senior center
30 years of growth


Supportive housing and preventive care cost less than what we currently spend on things like emergency care
How will your donation help?
How You Can Help

Even a small donation makes a big difference.


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Your money will help provide crucial services that will help homeless people at every
step along their path to self-sufficiency. Click here to donate.

Even a small donation makes a big difference.